Notice To All Put In Cove Boaters


Notice to all current boaters:

As the 2019 season comes to a close we would like to remind everyone that should you like to guarantee the same slip for next season, to have a $350.00 deposit submitted to us by no later than Thanksgiving weekend (2019). Your deposit lets us know that you will be back next year and you would like to remain in your current slip for planning purposes. We have already had several calls from potential new boaters inquiring about open slips for next year.

We can also offer a “3 equal payment plan” which involves 1/3rd payment due Thanksgiving weekend, 2nd payment due January 30th 2020, and final payment due April 1st 2020. We suggest 3 post-dated cheques to make things easy,

In all cases, full payment is due on reserved dockage by no later than April 1st 2020. As always, payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, debit, or e-transfer.

We would also like to ask that our current boaters remove all belongings (BBQ’s, Dockboxes, etc.) from the dock’s and surrounding areas in order to ease repair of the docks in the spring.

Thank you,

Joel Speake

Please make use of our “Dockage Reservation Form” if you are reserving a dock for next season, Thank you.